Summer '89

3D Render  •  Self  •  2017

Brief: Build up skills and knowledge by learning Cinema 4D.

Challenge: Problem solving in a completely unfamiliar environment.

Execution: After learning everything I could from Greyscale Gorilla's beginner tutorials, I decided to strike out on my own. I rooted through my closet and dug up an old Nintendo console.

A few months later, I had modeled not only the console inside and out, but an entire scene that evoked those long summer nights I had experienced as a child playing Nintendo with friends.

I had no real intentions of sharing this work, but I ended up posting it to Reddit where it caught the attention of Maxon, the creators of Cinema 4D. They emailed me and wanted to use this first-time project in a blog post to show how easy it is to dig in and learn their software.