McDonald's Canada 2018 Monopoly

Digital OOH  •  Cineplex Digital Media  •  2018

Brief: Develop a new, exciting iteration of McDonald's famous Monopoly promotion for their menu boards.

Challenge: For this project, the food photography had to begin before the promotional packaging was finalized and the food was shot with generic McDonald's packaging. Once final promotional artwork was completed, we 3D rendered and superimposed the new packaging over the original photography with matching lightning.

Execution: Starting with the AM daypart, the Digital Menu Board shows a freshly set up Monopoly board with no houses or hotels on the board. Sitting in close proximity to the game are McDonalds breakfast items. As the day progresses so does the game of Monopoly: From morning, through the evening, and into Late Nite, we see hotels, houses, and the player tokens scattered across the board along with sandwiches and fries, as if guests have been playing all day and are taking a break to enjoy McDonald's food.

Sweet Treat: Working with Hasbro's production arm, CakeMix Studios to create simple animations. We were able to bring Mr. Monopoly to life on the menu board, drawing attention to both the food and the prizing. In total six unique animations were created.