Subway 2018 Menu Design

Digital OOH  •  Cineplex Digital Media  •  2017

Brief: A truly flexible menu board design that can accommodate the wide variety of configurations of Subway restaurants.

Challenge: Subway menu boards have to be able to be read from left-to-right as well as right-to-left.

Execution: Boards were designed to encourage a few desired behaviours; the first was to encourage customers to try new sub flavours by showing large images and videos of new products as guests queued.

The second one is to boost additional toppings (double meat, bacon, cheese, etc.) At the bottom of their traditional sandwich offerings, a guest is shown all the extra topping they could add to their sandwich.

The third was to remind guests to make their sandwich a meal by adding a drink and side. A video was used to loop through the various options that the customer could choose such as a fountain drink, bottle drink, cookies, chips, etc.